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January 2015




We would like to thank the Rev. Sandy Mitchell for all her  insightful meditations, which she has generously shared with us each week during the inerregnum.

Nathanael-fig-tree-thumb Conversion-of-Paul-thumb

February & March

Candlemas basic Dead tree sunset thumb Midnight church  thumb Corn thumb Wilderness thumb Cross on blue thumb Capture Jesus cleansing the temple Passion flower only copy Capture Palm Sunday (2)


Capture Noli meTangere copy Capture Doubting Thomas copy Capture Risen Christ with disciples Capture Doubting Thomas (2)


Ascension thumb copy Capture vine stained glass Capture Gethsemane Pentecos tthumbnail copy copy

July & August

Capture Rublev icon of Triniyt Capture Grain mustardseed Capture Jesus in the storm Rembrandt Capture Jesus calms the sea Capture Woman with issue Capture St Peter copy


Capture John the Baptist beheaded copy Capture Extent of God's Love Capture Bread of Life

(The flow of this weekly series was temporarily suspended in August due to illness)

Thoughts ~ 2015

Capture  Bartimaeus

October & November

Capture All Saints 2 Capture Jesus calling Simon & Andrew Temple of Jerusalem


2 advent candles advent candle 3 copy Capture Mary & Elizabeth