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A Message from the Fund-raising Team, Sara, Jane and Rachael:

We would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the people who helped and all who came along to the three Garden Parties which we held at Clippesby Hall over the Summer months; they made £1697.70.


We three love fund-raising but we realise we couldn’t have achieved this excellent amount without everyone’s help and time so we thank you, all of you, again.


This year for the Norfolk Churches Trust sponsored Bike Ride we made our way to Norwich and walked around the city visiting twenty-eight churches.

Our next fund-raiser is in St. Peter’s on the weekend of the 14th and 15th of this month; it’s our annual “Harvest of a Quiet Eye” exhibition, when we hope to attract people who had friends and relatives who lived or worked in Clippesby in past years.


                                                    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


More Notes, from Jean:

September has seen two milestone events, for which we offer good wishes and congratulations. One is the Christening of baby Lincoln Lacey on the 23rd. and the other was the Diamond wedding of John and Yvonne McCarthy on the 14th.


We have been experiencing some untypical showers for September more reminiscent of April instead of Autumn, and these have hampered Jonathan’s work on the church path but he still hopes to have it finished for Harvest Festival and for our “Harvest of a Quiet Eye”, which is a contemplative look back at Clippesby, its way of life and people in past times. The photos in the display for the Valentine’s weekend created quite a lot of interest so we thought we would develop this a bit more, concentrating on the period in living memory rather than further back as we sometimes do. Please come to have a look round and enjoy a cuppa and a mardle – we really love mardling – there is no charge and everyone is warmly welcome.


Harvest Festival is on the 22nd of October starting at 11am and will be followed by a simple Harvest lunch in the church. If anyone has flowers or produce and time to give we would be delighted to have some help and we plan to decorate on the 21st (Trafalgar Day)


Coffee, Cake and Chat is on the 4th October, the first Tuesday in the month as usual, do just breeze in if you’ve nothing better to do for an hour or two.


Parting thought:

If I was put on this world to help others why were the others put on?



As I look back at June the most memorable part of the month has been seeing the old garden wall completely smothered in climbing roses. They looked so beautiful in shades of pink and white and the heavenly scent from them is drifting my way as I write. I wonder if their display can possibly last out until our next Church Garden Party?


What will the month of July hold for us? What adventures will we have? Will we be blessed with a prospective new Priest? We hope and pray there will be candidates coming for interviews on the 9th of July; that would be really good news.


Pamela’s Music in the Garden is planned to take place on Friday the 13th July – hopefully a very lucky day – her lovely garden lends itself so well to an event like this and we look forward to it each year. The Stokesby Strummers will be entertaining us again and you are invited to come along with your picnic and your friends and just enjoy a relaxing evening. Tickets can be booked in advance by ringing either 01493 750645 or 01493 367802 or by using the contact details on the church website as above. Tickets cost £5.00 if pre-booked or £7.50 on the gate.


Don’t forget you are welcome for Coffee, Cake & Chat on the 3rd of July in the Church.


And if you are a Clippesby/ Fleggburgh resident please don’t forget about the Norfolk Day Event on the Fleggburgh Village Hall Playing Field; it’s a free event for the whole Parish and there will be a flyer coming through your door which has been designed by the children of Fleggburgh School and will give you more details.


Then there is another Church Garden Party in the walled garden at Clippesby Hall on Sunday the 29th July from 2pm to 4pm; we are hoping for sunshine so that you can enjoy playing some of the usual country fete games and browsing round the stalls.


Parting thought:


“Travel with an open mind, you will see so much more”        E.G. Vanlint




Obviously the main news from us is we have a new Priest in Charge coming soon and we will welcome the Revd. Steven Sivyer together with his wife Emma and their young family. We look forward very much to working with Steven in our Parish and Benefice.


Because of the drought it has been quite difficult for wildlife to thrive yet lots of baby birds have been reared successfully and, with their parents, they are clustered on and around the sunflower hearts and fat balls. To our relief our one remaining peahen has somehow managed to survive without suffering the same fate as the other hens when nesting – being eaten by foxes – and has reappeared with five little peachicks! We are thrilled as these are the first chicks for four or five years. They are being fed on mashed boiled eggs and arrowroot biscuits. I find it amazing that these pretty little fluffy chicks have in them the mechanics to produce yearly after maturity their gorgeous plumage. When they display it is wonderful to observe each feather in its appointed place; the delicate fringes along the edges and the beautiful ‘eyes’ exactly where they should be. We hope that the hen can manage to protect her chicks from all the dangers that will threaten them.


The day after I wrote the above a neighbour’s white cat frightened the chicks and it was quite a heart-rending sound listening to the mother hen’s distressing call for what seemed like hours but thankfully she found them all and we were able to catch them and give them safety in a temporary cage until they are large enough.



We were blessed with ideal  weather for Pamela’s Music in the Garden of Stokesby House event; the evening was beautifully warm and sunny. And we watched the bright blue sky colour over with shades of pink, red and gold of the sunset. As I sat  there, sipping Pimms, listening to the Strummers, watching line dancers having a lesson, and being surrounded on all sides by lovely friends I thought that the evening was perfect. Thank you Pam; thank you Strummers; thank you Dance Teacher and thank you everyone who supported us.


The weather was not so kind to us for the Garden Party on Sunday the 29th it turned out blustery and wet so we moved into the Muskett Arms and had to abandon most of the games. A new innovation was a shellfish stall with little pots of ready to eat prawns, cockles and jellied eels, which was great fun so I think we will be repeating this at our next fete which is planned for Sunday the 19th of August.




Just a very quick update on the peachicks; there are five of them and they are starting to grow the little crests on the top of their wee heads. After the mother peahen managed to save them from an attack by a white cat we thought it safest to cage them until they can fend for themselves better.


We now have a date for the Licensing of our Priest-in-Charge and we face a new start for our Benefice. We look forward eagerly to the fresh ideas that Steven will bring to us and, as we prepare to give him our love and support, we remember with gratitude the legacies left by Karen and previous Incumbents.


We had a church full of young people when Sandy christened baby Ezra Simon Clarke; his brother Noah and all his cousins were there, it was a happy service. (Photos: Latest News)


After all that lovely sunshine, it had to rain for the second garden party of the season! Luckily for us Lee let us use the Muskett arms, we managed to get most of the stalls set up in there with bric-a-brac , children's hoop la game and the jellied eel stall going outside . We were really pleased to be able to bank just over £400. Thanks go to all who helped and supported us.


Looking forward to the Norfolk Churches Trust cycle ride Judith Ward has agreed to cycle with Sara along with a group of the younger ones who work alongside Sara; it should be a fun day out.


Preparations are starting for the Harvest of a Quiet Eye weekend in October with the main theme being the First World War .The date is 13th and 14th October, and we would be very grateful for any memorabilia or tales told by grandparents that may have been handed down in families.


Diary dates for September:

Sunday 2nd at 11am Morning Prayer in Clippesby Church

Tuesday 4th at 11amCoffee, Cake & Chat in Clippesby Church

Wednesday 5th, !2th, 19th & 26th at 4pm   Evening Prayer in Clippesby Church

Saturday 8th from 9am to 5pm Norfolk Churches Trust Bike Ride

Sunday 16th at 11amHarvest Festival & simple lunch in Clippesby Church

Sunday 30th at 11am Benefice Holy Communion at St. Mary’s, Martham



Parting thought:

Christians are like teabags – not much good until they’ve been in hot water’.

                                                                                                                           Selwyn Hughes


Sara May and Jean Lindsay




The birds in the garden are feeding very hungrily now that their Summer moult is over and their new plumage is beginning to grow and so far all five peachicks have survived. And the peahen takes them up onto the roof each night covering them with her wings. But when they become be too big for her to shelter them then she will take them up into a tree.


This year’s three Garden Parties raised approximately £1,500.00 for church funds; thanks go to all who kindly helped and supported the fund-raising team.


Because of last minute commitments Sara and Judith were unable to take part in this year’s Norfolk Churches Trust Cycle Ride but thanks to Felix and Ed who gave up their Saturday in support of Clippesby Church (and the NCT) and thank you also to Pamela’s family, two of whom came from London to ride for us again.


Planning for “Harvest of a Quiet Eye” exhibition weekend is going well. This event is to be held on Saturday and Sunday the 13th and 14th of October in the church from 10am to 3pm. The theme will mark the hundredth anniversary of the end of WW1 and women first getting the Vote. There is Free Entry to the Exhibition and Refreshments.


Looking ahead to November we have three things on the calendar, the Licensing of our new Priest; the Archbishop of Canterbury  visiting the Minster (see details in panel on Home page) and Clippesby’s Autumn Bazaar in Fleggburgh Village Hall on the 17th from 10am to 2pm.


Looking further ahead to December the Clippesby Christmas Choir have begun practising for Carols by Candlelight on the 13th.


And looking even further ahead to January the venue has been booked for our Burns' Night Bash on the 25th.


Still looking ahead to 2019, plans for our Valentine’s exhibition weekend are likely to centre around Art and Craft workshops in the Church, offering opportunities for people to demonstrate their skills and let others try their hand. If anyone would like to be part of this do get in touch.

Sadly a dear friend of Clippesby, Pauline Parker, has died. Pauline was a great supporter of all the events in the Benefice and we saw her often at services and all goings-on in St Peter’s.  Pauline will be very much missed for her dedication and quiet efficiency and, of course, for her friendship.


Diary dates for October in Clippesby Church:

Tuesday 2nd at 11am Coffee, Cake & Chat

Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th at 4pm Evening Prayer (finished till Spring)  

Sunday 7th at 11am a service of Holy Communion

W/E of 13th & 14th from 10am – 2pm ‘Harvest of a Quiet Eye’

Sunday 28th at 11am a service of Morning Prayer


Parting thought:

Loves last gift is remembrance.



The warm October days we have been enjoying have left us with some lingering colour on roses and marguerites which blends in with the brilliant autumn hues of the foliage now showing in these dying months of the year. Some of us can’t seem to avoid a feeling of melancholy as the leaves drop and nights draw in, despite knowing that in the axle of every leaf that falls there is a bud just waiting for spring.


Clippesby’s ‘Harvest of a Quiet Eye’ weekend exhibition marked the centenaries of the end of WW1 and the Representation of the People Act which transformed our society.


We thank Fleggburgh Village School for lending us the children’s pictures and their scrapbook. Thanks to Diane Glover for knitting a display, which depicted a family celebrating the peace, playing in a poppy field. Our thanks to Mary Hunn for the suffragette, Michael Purches for the poppy display and Alan Greenwood for the ‘There and not there’ soldier sitting in the pew. Thanks also to those who lent precious photos and to all who kindly helped with the setting up and the dismantling and, of course, we thank everyone who baked the delicious cakes and those who manned the stalls throughout the weekend.


Through the generosity of all who gave, £420.23 was raised for church funds. Sixty-one people plus children and two dogs enjoyed the displays. ‘Edith Cavell’ and the suffragette will be staying in the church for a few more weeks in case anyone would like to visit and, as you know, the church is open every day.


Quite a lot of things will be happening in November so do look at the dates below and we remind you we will be at the Fleggburgh Village Hall on Saturday the 17th between 10am and 2pm for our usual Autumn Bazaar and at Martham Village Hall on the 18th with our Christmas Tombola Table. The Fund-raising Team look forward to seeing you!


Now that British Summertime is ended for this year there will be no Evening Prayer on Wednesdays.



Diary dates for November:

Sunday 4th at 11am Holy Communion in Clippesby Church

Sunday 4th at 5pm Licensing of the Revd Dr. Steven Sivyer in Martham Church

Tuesday 6th at 11am Coffee, Cake & Chat in Clippesby Church

Thursday 8th at 7.30pm Bish & Fish at Yarmouth Minster

Sunday 11th at 10.45am Morning Prayer with Remembrance in Clippesby Church

Saturday 17th  from  10am to 2pm Autumn Bazaar in Fleggburgh Village Hall

Sunday 18th at 11am Benefice Service in Martham Church


Parting thought:

“Standing Committees

They seldom stand for long   Or for much, They take minutes  And waste years.”

Randle Manwaring

Peachicks & parents Oct 2018