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Church interior

Chancel slab in memory of a Rector of Clippesby in early 1700's Piscina in sanctuary of Clippesby Church In 1891 paintings covered the chancel walls Sedilia with wallpainting below window in chancel Aumbry door in chancel of Clippesby Church below a piscina  St. John roundel St. Matthew South entrance door opn daily for visitors  Primitive carvings in Clippesby Church porch Clippesby Church interior Clippesby Church's window by stained glass artist Margaret Rope 1917 Clippesby Church stained glass depicting the Resurrection Stained glass window and wall paintings Ancient narrow window in Clippesby Church Interior of Clippesby Church reflected in the procession of Rectors WW1 Memorial, Parish of Clippesby Henry Muskett memorial tile illuminated by light from stained glass window  South wall of nave of Clippesby Church North wall of Clippesby Church nave North chancel wall of Clippesby Church Windows on South wall of nave, Clippesb Church Nave, South side Clippesby Church From chancel loooking west, Clippesby Church, Norfolk. South chancel wall  of Clippesby Church shows perpendicular memorial window
St. Luke St. John St Mark St.Matthew-embroidery Pulpit drop sewn by Sally Badham-Thornhill



Embroidery by

Sally Badham-Thornhill

Clippesby Church's embroidered altar frontal Jewelled cross embroidery St.Mark-roundel St.Luke-roundel
Creation. The first banner. Perfection in creation: Second banner Sin, suffering & death mar the perfect beauty of creation. Sacrifice & Victory: fourth banner Ascension: Hope for the world 5th banner.

Millennium Banners


showing the

Four Apostles

The design for the apostles

based on the roundel paintings

Mediaeval brass in Nave floor Mediaeval memorial brass in Clippesby Church Runes-on-doorway-1 Clippesby-Church-runes

Our beautiful windows

The Nave

Clippesby Church North wall of nave

The Chancel

Doorway and Porch

The Saxon carving

Clippesby Ch Saxon carving Woman with dove



Memorials ~ most of these are to be found

Carvings to be found in the chancel

Carving-Solomons-seal 2014-04-26-12.40.14 2014-04-26-12.41.42

Two examples of the ends of the choir stalls

East-window-detail Victorian stained glass East Window Clippesby Church stained glass window depicting St.Peter & St. John Chancel-of-Clippesby-Church Resurrection-window Narrow-window-by-pulpit Clear-window Deep-set-clear-window Water-stoup Clara-Anna-memorial Etheredge-memorial Rev.-Muskett Muskett-(not-Rev)-memorial Memorial-Dashwood South-door-within-the-porch

in the Chancel

Font-&-vestry-arch Column-has-little-plinths Font-angels-1 Angels-2 Angels-3 Angels-4 Child's-eye-view-of-our-bea

On the column are tiny plinths, and a child will see the angels with interlocking wings, all the way round

-sun-illuminates-Keys of St Peter Brass-stitch

Mediaeval Brass of John Clippesby (1594) and his wife Julian.  For an etching of this, showing the details clearly, and a short description, see People in the History section

15th Century font

Mediaeval Brass of Thomas Pallynge and his

wife, to be found in the aisle


And no church would be complete without at least one bell ....

church bell 2 church bell

Photos courtesy of our architect

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