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Clippesby in art

Drawings by G. Malcolm Brown 1981


Clippesby Church, painted by John Sell Cotman at the beginning of the 19th century.  Cotman was a leading member of the Norwich School of Artists, counting W. Turner and D. Rosetti among his painting friends.  He traveled widely in the county, making etchings of ancient buildings, and painting ships at Great Yarmouth.


This watercolour is privately owned and sadly we cannot reproduce it in colour, but it is clear to see that at that time the entire roof, including the stumpy tower, was thatched.

John Sell Cotman watercolour
Clippesby Church artist unknown 4608933457_391x255.jpg

Clippesby Church in Spring

by Pauline Willmott  c.1985

Donated to the church as a raffle prize and won by Mr. John Lindsay

Clippesby Church model The font visible through the doorway Clippesby Church model

Model of Clippesby Church

Extracts from the model maker's letter


Clippesby Church

Pencil drawing by

Michael Howard


Letter re Clippesby Church model W'colour-Harvest051 W'colour-Autumn052

1) Harvest near Clippesby village


2) Autumn, Hall Farm Barns by Pauline Willmott

Engraving of Clippesby Church

by Robert Ladbrooke c.1820


Contemporary photo of the south terrace.

(For other historic photos of the Hall, see the Clippesby Hall section of The Changing Landscape)

Clippesby Hall, Norfolk in 1915

by John  W. Waterhouse,

Signed and inscribed on the reverse,

oil on board 10" x 14"

Oil painting by J.W.Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse, RA   (1849 - 1917)

Mrs. Arthur Kenworthy

modelled for  the painting

"The Sorceress"  1914

WaterhouseSorceress-sketch Waterhouse-head-study

A sketch for The Sorceress (part of this painting can also be seen in the picture  on the left)

Photos taken in Waterhouse's studio, (location unknown).    Courtesy of Jamie Kenworthy

Capture Waterhouse study Capture Sorceress JWW

There are many reproductions of this painting on line, and date the painting a year earlier than Jamie's photos

Intriguingly here labelled "The Marchioness of Downshire".

In fact this face bears a striking resemblance to the beautiful ladies in very many of Waterhouse's paintings

Explanation of Waterhouse's connection to Peregrine Feeny's family and Clippesby:-

In 1883 he married Esther Kenworthy (they had two children, both of whom died in infancy)

Peregrine Feeny, landscape painter and resident at Clippesby Hall from 1909 to 1918(?), married Emily Kenworthy, so the two artists were brothers-in-law. Arthur Kenworthy, also living at the Hall, was brother

to Esther and Emily. John W. Waterhouse made frequent visits to his in-laws here at Clippesby.

Capture Mrs. A.K. by J.W.W.

Anna Louise Kenworthy (Mrs Arthur Kenworthy)

portrait painted by J.W. Waterhouse.

(mother of Nelson Attlee Kenworthy

and therefore grandmother of Jamie Kenworthy

who sent us many of the historical photos)

Peregrine-Feany-painting-y0 waterhouse_in-Clip-Hall-con

Waterhouse in the conservatory of Clippesby Hall

Peregrine Feeney painting by Clippesby Lake.

Art---Winter-Clip-Mill Art---Morning-Clip-Mill

Oil paintings by James J. Allen

Norfolk landscape artist

Winter at Clippesby MIll

64 x 36 cm

Morning at Clippesby Mill

19 x 14 cm

These paintings are owned by Mr. & Mrs. K .King of Norwich, who kindly sent us the photographs

The reservoir at Clippesby Seagulls over Clippesby reservoir

The Church

Pen and wash sketches

"Digital paintings"   inspired by the scenery around Clippesby

by Pauline Willmott

Looking towards Repps Trees near Clippesby church Pool in a field, overlaid on tree bark Looking north from Clippesby's reservoir Clippesby's nearest river is at Thurne. A Clippesby field in winter Looking north from Clippesby's reservoir - detail

click each picture to enlarge

Peregrine Feeney was also a poet;  his poem The Old Clippesby Oak appeared in a volume of poems printed in 1911.

Oby Mill T McW copy Hall Farm barns 1

Water colours by Terry McWeeney

Frequent visitor to Clippesby

Cottage in Clippesby Hall t copy Clippesby Ch North door Mill & fence Stillness Hall Farm barns 2
Garden Centre sketches Cott at C H Roberta Hart

Pen and Wash sketches by "Bobby" Hart

visitor to Clippesby Hall

Clippesby Village resident

Charlie Turner, Clippesby village resident, posed in an Acle art class

2016-06-26 McWeeny Cottage