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We would also be glad to receive any articles you think might be of general interest, for example current happenings in and around the Clippesby area, and anything we could use for our History pages.

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March 19th 2014

I have just paid my first visit to your very interesting website. I found it very easy to navigate, and was surprised at the wealth of information, useful for local people and outsiders. The history is very interesting, I also enjoyed the pictures and slideshows.

Thanks, I will return.

Alan B

March 17th 2014

I think the website is terrific, well done. Looking forward to an explanation to the photos on the history page.

Sandy M

March 31st 2014

What a lovely church, and a very professional looking web site.....

Keep up the good work...

Johnnie L

April 11th 2014

The website is top quality.  What a very good job you have both done.  I take my hat off to you.


April 21st 2014

I want to tell you again how wonderful the Church website is.... Margaret





August 16th 2014

Pauline and Jean can I congratulate you both on a fantastic website. It's bright, fresh, uncluttered and very readable. I will ask around if anyone has any Clippesby photos in their archives for you.


Jackie (Acle)

October 28th 2014

Pauline, I was just looking at the website of the church. A photo of some clumps of mayweed and a wonderful sky is breath-taking. The historical photos and the way the whole thing is so artistically presented. It's PERFECT. Please have immense admiration for yourself!


From: Claude GUILHEM  (France)

January 17, 2015

Jean ,

Thank you for sending me the link to Clippesby Church and countryside .I spent a long time this afternoon looking at all those marvellous pictures thoroughly . Simply perfect !! I expect all this was done thanks to efficient teamwork but you’ll have to tell me more about your own contribution to it all .Of course what I liked best were the images of the Christmas choir by candlelight . I could feel such warmth and friendliness on everybody’s faces . and what a cake !!!

I also did like all the beautiful pictures of the churchyard , of wild life . All the explanations concerning wild life , architectural and historical data are really well done . I didn’t know that the stained –glass windows were that old and I was amazed at the quality of these pictures . . .

. . . .  once more Congratulations on your excellent site which I’ll treasure on my computer.

From: Rev. Karen Rayner

January 14, 2015

Dear Jean,

What an amazing website! It's brilliant!

From: Mike Hudson

July 5th, 2015

I love your website.  We have visited St. Peter's in the past but not for some time now.  I think another visit is called for.

From: Arthur Rope

November 10th, 2015

An absolutely beautiful treatment of the Baptism window ("Suffer little children") by my aunt, M.E.Aldrich Rope.

Inspired! Thank you. I loved the Fantasia, too!

From: Anne Ellis

January 18th 2016

I have just viewed Paulines garden video showing the miracles of bloom throughout the year. Absolutely stunning.. Also not finding it easy to get out to church at moment. It is inspirational to read Thoughts.

How blessed we are.  Thanks for all your effort and talent.

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From: Kathy G

August 2017

May I say how much I've always enjoyed dipping in here. Not only did I love reading the extract from Jimmy Leggett's book - so evocative - but I am enjoying reading the transcript of the sermon on Wheat and Weeds ... very timely! I always think of Clippesby being such a small place but boy oh boy you Clippesby people have a big Heart there. To me, your beautiful vibrant website reflects how Love and being in harmony with your surroundings, loving your land and its Life in all its forms, becomes a work - a Way - of living poetry. My thanks for the inspiration you provide and sustain.

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