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Music from Clippesby

"Praise the Lord! Ye heavens adore him"

Sung by the Lakefield Singers at Clippesby

Accompanied by a slide show of sky pictures taken locally.

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"There is a green hill far away"

Sung by the Lakefield Singers at Clippesby

The scene is viewed from within the city wall. Having puzzled as a child, but never thought to ask, why a green hill should or should not have a city wall, this interpretation seeks to make sense of "without" by watching from "within".  

Morning has broken! A Hymn for Spring

Sung by the Lakefield Singers at Clippesby

performed by the Carter family

Sung by the Clippesby

Christmas Choir

All things bright and beautiful

Illustrated with a variety of images of scenery, birds, and animals, with some humorous juxtapositions, celebrating the amazing diversity of creation.

Most of the photography is local - just one or two photos  from PensthorpeNature Reserve and Africa Alive, courtesy of Alan Barrett

"The Lord's my Shepherd"

Some of the photography is of Clippesby, but most are magical views taken on the Sandringham Estate, Norfolk

"We plough the fields and scatter"

Sung by the Lakefield Singers at Clippesby

"Eternal Father, strong to save"

Sung by the Lakefield Singers at Clippesby

with various images of storms at sea and Jesus calming the waves, viewed through the framework of a stained glass window which is to be found in the neighbouring parish church in Rollesby, Norfolk.

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A little video for Easter from Clippesby


featuring Mozart's Ave Maria sung by the Lakefield Singers, accompanied by Peter Aldous, and some new views of the church interior.

Sung by the Lakefield Singers at Clippesby, organist Peter Aldous

Photography Alan Barrett and Pauline Willmott

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God be in my Head

Sung by the

Lakefield Singers at


with new views of Clippesby Church interior.

Another hymn from the Lakefield Singers, sung in Clippesby. Illustrated by images from various countries and traditions.

"Onward Christian Soldiers"

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