Clippesby Church and Countryside Norfolk
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Robert's Circular Walk

Concessionary Path 1 CP2 CP3 CP4 CP5 CP6 River Bure Friendly locals Geese & goslings Mallards & Poachard ducks Oby Dyke Tufted Ducks Broad Works Broad Works 4 Broad Works 3 Broad Works 2 Along River thurne Along the dyke Finger post 2 Oby Thurne windpump Thurne Windpump 2 Finger post Along hall Lane “Selfie” Robert Lakefield

Taking up the walk at the point where lesser mortals may turn round,  that is, soon after leaving the wood.....

Armchair walks

(Note: Sadly the concession has now been removed from the start of this walk , so it is no longer accessible to the public)