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Collected Nature Videos and Slide shows

A walk along the Concessionary Path

towards the marsh

and river

A walk from Hall Lane up to the reservoir

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Local walks


"From the First Snowdrop to the

Last Rose"

My Garden in the

Autumn Months, 2013

(Some of these are the same as appear on previous pages, but all collected together here on one page)

From serene reflections to stormy waves, the reservoir offers ever-changing photo-opportunities. . .

Nature triumphs over the dry clay -  at last Clippesby has an area where wild plants and flowers flourish freely. . .     Where have they all come from?

. . . coltsfoot, ragwort, scarlet pimpernel, daisies, ground ivy, lesser & greater willowherb. . .

                                                   the list will grow as the months go by. . .

Reservoir ~ sky, light, water, wind . . .

Nature colonises the clay ~ the reservoir's first year

Slide show made in Summer 2013  just before the meadow was cut

Wild flower meadow

A little fantasy on the tiny images from nature

which can almost go un-noticed when looking  

at the main picture.


Music: "Autumn Leaves" played by friend and amateur guitarist, Alan Barrett

The Margaret Rope stained glass window

Winter Wood ~ waiting for Spring

A tangled wilderness opens out into the spaciousness of the marshland

The Churchyard  on Easter Sunday, 2015.


Destpite the cold, grey morning, there was an abundance of wildflowers and birdsong  for the visitor to enjoy

Two versions of the Concessionary Path Wood, originally intended to be a progressing record of the the emergence of Spring and Summer, but by Summer it became inaccessible due to the abundant growth

"Clippesby's Secret"


A "Mood Picture" of a small, almost unknown spot in Clippesby

Start the slide show by clicking on the picture

Start the slide show by clicking on the picture

Start the slide show by clicking on the picture

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

(Update: - 2015 - Sadly the concession for the first part of this walk  has been withdrawn, so it is is no longer accessible to the public.)

So far this year (January 2016) we have had very little of "the white stuff" so here is a look back at a few days in the winters of 2008 and 2009.  The views are taken in and around Clippesby Hall, before the construction of the reservoir.  Accompanied by some delicate and peaceful harp music by Handel.

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Clippesby Snow

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