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Puzzle corner ~ what are these?

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A random collection epitomizing the months of Summer & early Autumn

Wild flower meadow (1)

The flowers were nearly over by the time this was recorded, (Summer 2013) but happily they have all come through again.

2014-08-07-Hen-with-chicks 2014-08-27-Autumn-crocus 2014-08-30-Hedgerow-glory 2014-08-31-Beans-to-come 2014-08-30-Reservoir-reside 2014-08-26-Evening-sunshine 2014-08-11-Rain-over-Will's 2014-08-11Storm-approaching beloved of bees & other pollen-loving insects St Roberts Barn in the centre, Hall Farm House extreme right Hedgehog-rescue-1 Hedgehog-rescue-2 Hedgehog-rescue-3

Hedgehog rescue

2014-09-21-Approaching--res 2014-09-18-Blushing-Bracket

photo: David Applegate

Summer scenes in Clippesby

Wild flower meadow (2)

Update July 2015


The meadow has run riot ~ the grass is shoulder high and impenetrable, dashing all hopes that the tiny flowers would proliferate.  As far as it is possible to see, only the tallest wildflowers have survived.

Many of the photos on tthis page load slowly, but they are worth waiting for! Apologies.