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Summer Walks & Slide Shows

From Hall Lane, past the Hall Farm Barns, via the Concessionary Walk onto the grazing marshes. and back again.

2014-04-10-Hall-Farm-fronta 2014-04-10-Dyke-project-(2) 2014-04-10-Passing-the-padd 2014-04-10-Round-the-bend 20140510_Sheep-in-the-paddo The-Grove,Clippesby 2014-04-10-Thelma's-dyke-pr 2014-04-10-Hall-Farm-barns 2014-04-10-Marsh-landscape .... skirting the wood ...where bullrushes grow 2014-04-10-South-House-on-t's a very long way to the river 2014-04-10-Dairy-Barn A tricky S-bend round Hall Farm Barns 4609838573_315x174.jpg 4609838572_318x177.jpg 4609838570_260x158.jpg 4609838574_297x188.jpg 4609838571_298x184.jpg Walkse14 Walkse16 Walkse17 Walkse19 Walkse27 Walkse26 Walkse25 Walkse24 .... imagine the birdsong.... Walkse22 Walkse35 Walkse34 Walkse33 Walkse32 Back into the wood ... Walkse30 Walkse29 Walkse28 Walkse37 Walkse36 Walkse13 Walkse12 4609839183_256x193.jpg "Dollywood" at Woodlands... Walkse11 Walkse8 2014-04-10-Willow Willow-fluff 2014-04-10-Willow-and-water 2014-04-10-Willow-by-the-dy

A summer time slide show of the same walk,  along the Concessionary Path towards the marsh  and river

Photo Album, May 2014

Slide Show, July 2013

Slide Show, May 2014

A walk from Hall Lane, Clippesby, up to and round

the reservoir (optional) as far as Clippesby Church

and back, accompanied by "On hearing the first

cuckoo in Spring" by Frederick Delius

A walk from Hall Lane up to the reservoir and back

A shorter walk, taken in July 2013,

accompanied by some beautiful

English music by Edward Elgar

Slide Show, July 2013

From serene reflections to stormy waves, the reservoir offers ever-changing photo-opportunities. . .

A short slide show celebrating the gift of the reservoir


Evening light, top track May 23 Evening Panormaa 4 May 23 '15 Evening Panorama 2 May 23 Evening Panorama 3 May 23 Evening Panorama 6 May 23 '15 Evening trees & parsley

May 23rd 2015

From Hall Lane, across the B1152 and following the Public Footpath sign, up across the field as far as the top track.  This track should lead the walker to Billockby by turning right, and to Mill Lane, Fleggburgh going left.  How possible the Fleggburgh section is, has not been tested recently.  Going up to the track was heavy-going, but worth it for the panoramic views on the way back.

To apreciate the pictures fully, please click on them to enlarge

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Concessionary Path ~ the complete Circular Walk

When Robert van der Zaal stayed in Clippesby in May 2015, he achieved the whole Circular Walk, and took these pictures for us.


The walk goes much further than our earlier photos and slide shows, taking in part of the rivers Bure and Thurne, Thurne Mill,  and Oby, returning to Clippesby along Hall Lane.

Finger post

Click on the signpost

to see his photos

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

Armchair walks

(Note: by the end of 2015 the concession had been removed from the start of this walk, which at the Clippesby end now has no public access.)

Armchair walks


From Hall Lane Clippesby across the fields to Billockby Church