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Cutting re roundels (2) From a watercolour painting by John Sell Cotman Clippesby Church 1a Clippesby Ch Saxon carving Woman with dove Clippesby Church pre 1873 Clippesby Church interior pre 1873

Clippesby Church, painted by John Sell Cotman at the beginning of the 19th century.

Cotman was a leading member of the Norwich School of Artists, counting W. Turner and D. Rosetti among his painting friends.  He travelled widely in the county, making etchings of ancient buildings, and painting ships at Great Yarmouth.

This watercolour is privately owned and sadly we cannot reproduce it in colour, but it is clear to see that the entire roof, including the stumpy tower, was thatched.

A tiny Saxon carving, showing a woman with a dove.

Clippesby Church pre 1873.  Standing at the top of an incline, it would have been easily visible from the main road.

Clippesby Church interior, pre 1873

Clippesby Church only just visitble

A similar view of Clippesby

Church in 1985, now only just visible through the trees.

Clippesby Parish Room

Clippesby Parish Room

Rev'd Rivett is standing

in the doorway.

Fallen into disrepair... ... now the car park

(right) By 1985 ~ fallen into

disrepair. Demolished soon


Rev'd Rivett in the Clippesby Rectory porch

Rev'd Rivett in the doorway

of the Rectory

Clippesby Church 1946

Clippesby Church in 1946

Built by Rev'd Muskett in the late 19th century

The Rectory in 1985

The Rectory, Clippesby

Engraving of Clippesby Church by Robert Ladbrooke c.1820


Clippesby Church from the

south as it appeared in 1911

(fewer trees, but a lot of ivy)

photo courtesy Jamie Kenworthy

(note the absence of the

octagonal section of the tower)


Clippesby Church

chancel 2014

Clip Rect detail Dec 2014

The Rectory in December 2014

For colour photos of the roundels see Gallery/ Church interior

Cutting re roundels (3)copy copy Cutting re roundels (1) copy

Discovery of the Roundel Paintings 1985

Church taken in 1985


The shadowy figure of Mr Edgar Fuller, churchwarden for 25 years, is just visible in the porch.

Church interior pre 1950

and a similar view, pre 1950, in which the inscription round the arch can just be seen