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Wood Carvings by the Rev'd Henry Muskett

19th century carving in Clippesby Church 19th century Carved monogram in Clippesby Church Carving of Solomon's seal in Clippesby Church Cross-keys-carving 2014-04-26-12.36.48 2014-04-26-12.36.37 Winged-lion Wingd-lion-in-the-choirstal Choir-Stall-carving 2014-04-26-12.39.55 2014-04-26-12.40.14 2014-04-26-12.41.07 2014-04-26-12.41.42 2014-04-26-12.42.00

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Star of David shrunk

These carvings adorn the choir stalls of St.Peter's Church, Clippesby

Symbols of the Four Apostles in the Clippesby Church Choir Stalls

A further example of Henry Muskett's

intricate work