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2017 Updates


The lovely new photos below are from Iain Walker (copyright Nicholas Warns Architects Ltd.) they were submitted for a selection to be included in a special Anniversary Book being published by the Garfield Weston Foundation to celebrate their sixty years of grant-giving.


St. Peter's received a very generous grant from the Foundation which enabled us to undertake the restoration project which had been held up until all funding was in place. They really saved the day for us.


The Garfield Weston Foundation is one of the biggest charities in the country, it  gives substantial grants to about a thousand churches - of various faiths -  each year. What an incredible achievement that is!  We in Clippesby feel immensely honoured to have been selected as one of three churches to be featured in their Celebration Book.

New photos from Iain

We thank Nicholas Warns Architects Ltd. for their permission to use the above photographs

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