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Some Clippesby Gardens

With grateful thanks to all those who allowed their gardens to appear on this site.

Jean's Garden

John and Yvonne's Garden

The clever design of this garden gives ever-changing views inviting one to wander on further.  The shrubs and trees delight in their contrast of form and colour.

Mike and Judy's Garden

On raised ground, at probably the highest point of the village, this garden is completely surrounded by high trees and hedges - a secluded oasis where shrubs and flowers flourish in their own paradise.

Johnnie and Sue's Garden

Mainly sheltered by the old high wall of Clippesby Hall, an abundance of climbing roses flourish.  In front of these, formal beds of every kind of vegetable, pots of flowers, and sweet peas when in season tumble  over an arching trellis.

Three views of the formal garden in the front of Clippesby Hall

Thelma and Rod's Garden

An extensive garden, both front and back,  featuring many unusual varieties of flowers and shrubs, and separate areas each with their own individual characteristics. There is also a woodland walk and a young wood newly planted.

The following group of photos of Thelma's garden was taken earlier in the summer (2016)

Added 2017:

Chris' and Donna's Garden

A small, secluded garden of harmoniously placed shrubs and rambling roses with inviting places to sit  

Ros' and Tony's Garden

An even smaller garden, where Tony manages to grow enormous blooms to great effect.

Pauline's Garden

Added 2017:

Pauline's garden, March to October 2013 - video

"From the First Snowdrop to the Last Rose"

Please view these videos full screen,  by using the links given below.

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