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"What Clippesby Church means to me..."

This is what people wrote at the Valentines Weekend Exhibition 2017. . . .

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"When my friend Kerry asked me to help her raise money for Clippesby Church I said yes as I knew how much the Church meant to Jean Lindsay who is Church Warden, was my employer and still is my very dear friend.  I can still remember what I said to Kerry ~

"Yes I will help, but I will never need Clippesby Church"

How wrong was I.

I have grown to love this little church.  My great nieces Summer and Blossom Roberts have both been Christened in St. Peter's and I was given the honour of being Blossom's Godmother.

On December 12th 2014 my nephew Steven Lacey married Emily here.


I love coming to services here . I have met many new friends through our constant fundraising, and the best fundraising is done in this special place, with my family and friends helping .  Through local radio and newspaper we have welcomed new people through the door who never knew Clippesby Church was here.  Many people say how warm and welcoming the church is.


Clippesby Church is a place where I can walk in feeling troubled and sad, and walk out feeling life is good.


So to sum up, I have gone from thinking I never would need St. Peter's to realising that I do need it, as I couldn't think of anywhere alse I want to have as my final resting place."

                                                                                      Sara M

"Clippesby Church is a church that holds a very special place in my heart and life.

My Dad died, and we brought his flowers to the church after his funeral at Gorleston Crematorium and laid them in the church.

In December 2014 my youngest son married here, the day after the carol service.

Over the years I have enjoyed helping out at the many fundraising events that have to be to put on in order to keep this lovely, welcoming and friendly little church open."

                                                       Rachael  L

"Clippesby Church means to me . . . .

A place to worship, friends, Peaceful, Prayers, Working all year round with other members of the church, raising money to keep this wonderful church open.  We have several events held around Clippesby Church, sometimes in the church.

Clippesby is a small population - we only have about 10 people at our two monthly services, with two dedicated vicars taking the services - we have to keep this church open.

At present my prayers are with these vicars, Karen and Sandy, who are unwell.

What more can I say?  Please place donations in jar, however small, as you leave!

Hope you enjoyed your visit,

Thanks for helping us."

Cecily H

"Clippesby Church means a lot to me because of childhood memories of when I was younger and lilved just down the lane from this pretty little church.  

I also got married in the church in 1996 which holds very special memories.  Also my parents are buried in the churchyard, which makes the church a very special place to visit, having so many memories I' will never forget."


Rachael G

"Clippesby Church is a special little church and has always meant a lot to me from a young age.  I was christened here on the 28th August 1966.  I grew up just down the road from here and spent many hours sitting drawing it with its lovely round tower.  I have many happy memories at the church, where I was bridesmaid when my sister and brother -in-law got married, and have also been to friends' weddings and christenings too.  There have also been sad times (my mum and dad and both sets of grandparents are buried in the churchyard.)

I find there's something about the church that draws you in, and sitting for a few minutes to reflect in there always helps.  I love being part of the fundraising team and meeting people when they come to the church to our events, which is so important for keeping our beautiful little church going."

Jane F

"Clippesby ~ A church for all the seasons of my life ~

As I was thinking and meditating on what Clippesby Church meant to me, I realized that it had always been there for me throughout my life.

I was brought to Clippesby in the Springtime of my years,  as a small baby by my mother and father, presumably displayed proudly for my grandparents' and Uncle Frieddie's benefit.  I remember my mother telling me that I had no cot so they emptied a drawer and placed me in that.  Hopefully they put somethiing comfortable for me to lie on.

Later on with my great-aunt Gladys Youngs as Godmother, I was Christened at St. Peter's, and so began my journey into life. . . .

As time went by I found myself living in Clippesby for over twentyone wonderful and happy years, with the privilege of supporting Jean as churchwarden.  This was the Summer of my life, as it revolved around church, work and community. Many were the hours spent in St. Peter's during  times of  joy, distress and sometimes unhappiness, but always the peace and tranquility of that sacred place has held me in its embrace and uplifted me.

Now I am in the autumn of my years and still visiting Clippesby and its church.  As soon as I walk through the ancient door, where so many people have entered before me, I feel at home again in this beloved place.

One day I shall be in the Winter of my time here on earth, and I shall gaze up at heaven beneath the beautiful East window, under the Cross Keys of St. Peter for the last time.  One journey ended but another one beginning, the seasons of my life played out at last. . . ."

Sandra L

"SUNDAY SERVICE : For as long as I can remember: my Nana giving me boiled sweets, my brother singing out of tune ~ wrapped up warm and snug.


CHURCH & VILLAGE FETES: Always events full of laughter and fun. . . and cakes! Yum! A yearly event which once had helicopter rides - unforgettable to a small child.


FAMILY FUNERALS: The woodland path full of birdsong, uplifting with wildflowers in every season to help you feel the continuity of life ~ a lovely resting place.


CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS: the annual carol service with all the decorating with everyone beforehand, and the beautiful candlelit service, which is THE start of my Christmas.


MY WEDDING: Still the most fabulous day.  Cousins' and brother's weddings ~ all such happy, big occasions.


MY MUM is Clippesby Church: it's in my blood!  She has ceaselessly fundraised all my life.


THE CAMARADERIE  of the fundraising team ~ Sara, Jane, Rachel, Cicely, Anne. . .  having fun AND doing good ~ what's not to like?


So lucky to have such a beautiful building on our doorstep; with so many problems in the world , it's a peaceful meditative, oasis of calm."


Frances L

"It was last year when Sara asked me to write about “What Clippesby Church means to me”. And, because for nearly seventy years St. Peter’s has meant so much to me, I thought it would be a really easy thing to do, but, on the contrary, I am finding it very difficult to convey just how much Clippesby Church does mean to me. And, now, with the Valentine Exhibition only a few days away I realise I must write something for Sara . . . but. . .  where to begin?


The words of an old hymn come to mind

“I love the place O God wherein Thine honour dwells,

The joy of Thine abode all earthly joy excels.”  

Yes! Such a loving, joyful atmosphere pervades our little church together with a feeling of spirituality and a knowing that centuries of worship fill its space.


It is obvious to those who look for it, that much love has been expended on St. Peter’s over the years; this can be clearly seen in its fabric. We may not know all the people from the past whose love for God and whose vision created Clippesby Church but we thank God for the wonderful legacy they left us.


Who were they? Our Saxon and Norman forebears who built this church? Who were the artisans that built it so skilfully that it has withstood the elements for a thousand years?


Who was the stonemason? The man who six hundred years ago made the ancient font and carved its eight angels with their wings outspread?


Who cast the bell that calls worshippers to our services?


Who were the carpenters that with skill and care fashioned the impressive wood ceiling and carved the pews?


And who were the artists that beautified the Chancel walls with paintings now covered over? And the artists who designed the colourful stained glass windows?


These unknowns, so many, many of them, all used their talents with love to make Clippesby Church as beautiful as it still is today. These, and many others, dear friends we have known, - including some laid to rest in Clippesby’s peaceful churchyard - all played their part too.


And now we, in our turn, have the immense privilege of carrying on the work of spreading the gospel in the world, of being entrusted to keep the Christlight shining in Clippesby Church.


So! What does Clippesby Church mean to me?

Clippesby Church is a hallowed place, one full of memories both joyful and sad; memories of special times in my life; of happy family christenings, of joyful weddings and memories of the sadness of parting at funerals; memories of dearly loved friends, of sermons heard, of hymns sung and precious encounters with Christ.


St Peter’s is a holy place filled with the thousands of prayers from centuries past, a place where we go eagerly to meet with our awesome God."


Jean L

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