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Forties Evening at the Muskett Arms

Remembering the end of hostilities in Europe 70 years ago today ~ 7th May, 1945 ~ 2015

with forties dress competition and live music

featuring the Carters ~ Lenny, Norma and John.

With many thanks for their performance for our delight this evening.

If you wish to view these clips full screen, please use the link below each one.

Here are just some of the numbers we heard from their amazing repertoire, interspersed with photos taken during the evening.

John's nimble hands dance over the keyboard, and Lenny sings.

Lenny plays a castanet showpiece

2015-05-07 20.39 (2)

Family moment for the "Birthday Girl" Fran, Felix, Dani & Jean

Part of the grand finale


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