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Pauline's Garden Videos

These videos are most effective viewed full screen.  To do this, please use the link printed below each one, and then the small square at the bottom right corner of the screen as it starts playing.

The Blackbirds' Nursery 2017


A daily visit to the blackbirds' nest over the fortnight between hatching and leaving the nest, presents a fascinating insight into the  speed at which the babies develop.

All in an April morning 2017

Filmed on impulse one early April morning, as I enjoyed again the never-ending delights of early Spring.  The singing is our own Lakefield Singers with music from Johann Strauss' waltz "Wine, Women and Song," entitled "Spring's Refrain."

Please view full screen:  After starting the video off  with the play arrow, click on the You Tube icon (bottom right) followed by the full screen icon next to it.  Exit at end with the "Esc" key on your keyboard

Garden in June 2015

My garden and a Cuckoo

A Little Garden Scene

"From the First Snowdrop to the Last Rose"    ~  2013

Autumn Months  ~ "September to December" ~ 2013

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