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Harmonium Restoration Updates

From October to delivery

Notes and photos from Edmund

October, November & December 2016 (latest news last)

Edmund writes, "The lower part of the instrument has turned out somewhat worse than expected.  There will obviously be a cost implication, but I have yet to fully assimilate this.  Glued joints in the woodwork all disintegrated after drying out, leaving the bellows in pieces, and most of the veneer hanging off.  After taking carpet off the pedals they were each in 5 pieces!  However, we've glued most of this together now."

"Below (honestly not as bad as it looks!) are parts of the bellows after stripping off old leather and paper coverings.  Joints have all been re-glued, and everything treated for woodworm."

"The casework is ongoing, seen here upside down, with joints and veneer being consolidated"

"Meanwhile, the soundboard is in much better order, and renovation is proceeding as planned.  Her you can see the pallet valves  being refaced with leather, new felts fitted, etc."

October 30th 2016

Update and more photos from Edmund

"This week we reached a major milestone with the restoration, the largest single item of work, the bellows has been completed.  I've attached  'before & after' pictures showing how the heap of wood in the last set of pictures has been restored into a rather nice blue bellows.  The bellows are covered in blue sugar paper as original, this helps to make them airtight as well as for decorative purposes.  The white parts are sheepskin leather.  


I also attach our next invoice.  We expect to complete the organ during November, hopefully in time for Christmas services."

Progress report 19th November 2016

News from Edmund


"We are now in the final stages of the restoration, and will be completed within the next two weeks.  I've added four more pictures to the gallery, see below.


Should we proceed with making a platform to sit the organ (and organist) on - as quoted for in my last email?   Given that the organ's return to the church is imminent, we really need to know as soon as possible. Also, because there are quite a lot of materials to buy for the platform, I shall need advance payment for this item.


Best wishes,



Harmonium restoration 19.11.16 (1)

Casework repaired and ready for french polishing. The veneer on both sides was so badly water damaged that it had to be removed entirely and re-glued with traditional animal glue.

Harmonium restoration 19.11.16 (3)

Keyboard with new white coverings.

Harmonium restoration 19.11.16 (2)

Pallet valves reassembled on the soundbooard (these are under the keys)

Harmonium restoration 16.11.16 (4)

Stops cleaned and french polished, with new felt collars.


December 8th

The harmonium arrives!

Brought back to its home by Edmund and his wife after its restoration,  and being tried by our merry organist, who looks delighted, as we all are.

The harmonium will be making its debut, after having been silent for decades, this very Sunday, at the Communion Service here at 10.45

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