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Welcome to the website for Clippesby and Countryside 2014-2021

February 7th 2022 - We have been migrated to a more secure website provider which has taken much longer than expected .  However, we have a new website which has all the new and most recent content.

As always, you can keep up to date with the services at St Peter’s Church via the Martham Benefice website.


Visit our new Events Calendar

on the website to keep up to date


Overview of St. Peter's, its people, and what  we do during the year

2016-10-16 13.30.01

Harvest of a Quiet Eye,

Exhibitions, Celebrations,

Garden Parties

Keep up with Clippesby Community & News
via the new website

Clippesby Church South wall

The Church within & without; Stained Glass, Carvings, & the Churchyard


Our Architects

The story of the Heritage Lottery Application & all that followed . . .

Story of the Village Sign

The Harmonium

From a watercolour painting by John Sell Cotman

The Church Building, Rectory, Records, Documents & People


Includes Agriculture, Buildings & Scenery

Evening trees & parsley

Includes Armchair Walks & Nature Videos

lippesby Gardens1

Some of Clippesby's beautiful gardens


J.S.Cotman, J.W.Waterhouse, through to the present day

Poetry bk thumb

Poetry & Prose connected with Clippesby

Carol service small

Hymns & Carols sung by the Lakefield singers, with video, and 40's songs by the Carter family

Capture Jesus preaching in the Synagogue

Illustrated presentations of almost every sermon  2014- Oct 2021


The latest Community News

is on the new website

Dear Visitors,


Our original aim in creating this website was threefold:-  firstly, to publicize information about our beautiful little church:- times of worship, social events, it's history and architecture; secondly, to share with you our enjoyment of the area in which it is set; and thirdly, to provide you with some thoughtful reading for the quieter moments in your life.  Although stemming from the rhythm of the church's year, these articles could well speak meaningfully to you at any time.


Sadly we have been unable to edit this website for technical reasons for most of 2021.  We are now back on line again (7th February 2022) but no new content will be added as we have now set up a new website “Clippesby Community and Countryside” at


Another change is that full information about the services and who to contact at St Peter’s Church is now available directly via the Martham Benefice website.


We hope you will enjoy visiting our new “home” which provides convenient portals back to the detailed information built up here over the past seven years.


February 2022                                        Jean and Pauline

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